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“Join the Care Campus team today!” The performance of an organization is as good as that of its individual employees.  We want each of our employees to have the necessary resources and professional support to function as a vital part of our team as we provide excellent quality of care to our residents.

Our Staff is dedicated, friendly and is eager to know you as an individual and provide personal attention with courtesy, respect and dignity. As in your own home, staff offers choices on how you would like your care arranged.


Evansville Care Campus

CNA - Part-Time PM Shift

Alex Assisted Living

Brandons Assisted Living

Aide - On-Call
Learn More Contact: Brandon Borgstrom - Administrator | 649 State Street NW, Evansville, MN 56326
Phone: (218) 948-2219 | Fax: (218) 948-2004
RN/LPN - Full-time Day Shift
RN/LPN - On-Call
CNA - Part-Time Day Shift
CNA - Full-Time PM Shift
CNA - On-Call