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The Care Campus - to provide the best quality care and comfort available to our residents, friends, and families.

About The Care Campus


In 2009, Arlynn and Susie Johnson took over the Evansville Care Campus because it was important to them to keep the business going for the community.  They have made many improvements over the years and now the Care Campus is a thriving part of Evansville.  Arlynn and Susie don’t have a background in long term care, but they were passionate about making it work, and they did!


Before they were owners of the Evansville Care Campus, they wore a variety of different hats and both of them have always lived in the Evansville area.


Arlynn has been a farmer all his life and is still farming some acreage.  In 1960, he started Johnson Custom Harvesting and it is still a family operation.  In the late 60's, he and his brother were partners in the John Deere business in Evansville and it was called Johnson Implement.  He was also a charter owner of Viking Savings Bank in Alexandria in the late 70's.

Susie worked in the local Nelson's Grocery Store for 10 years and then at the local bank for 20 years.


This is about as " local" as you can get!!!

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